The Cassini C-1200M 98pc. Microscope Set is the right instrument to help you discover and enjoy the living world around you. It comes with everything you would need to get started experiencing the world that surrounds us everyday of our lives. Eyedropper, tweezers, spatula, test tubes, petri dish, and condenser lens are just some of the tools you will be provided with along with a traveling case to keep it all organized.

The Cassini C-1200M microscope is equipped with an eyepiece, that in combination with a turret that holds three objective lenses, enables magnification of 300x, 600x, and all the way up to 1200x power to give you an up close look at the world around us. In addition to the traditional eyepiece, the C-1200M comes with a projector hood which enables you to project the image produced by your microscope onto a wall, or any viewing screen. This makes the Cassini microscope ideal for group study. Safe and simple to use for ages 8 and up, the Cassini microscope will easily bring the microscopic world to life.

TheCassini C-1200M 98pc. Microscope Features and Benefits:
  • Eyepiece
  • 300X/600X/1200X Power Objective Lens
    Revolving Turret
  • Camera adapter
  • Projection Hood
  • Traveling Case
  • 98pc Kit
  • Sample Specimens
  • Color Filter
  • Cover Slips
  • Blank Labels
  • Spatula
  • Scalpel
  • Eyedropper
  • Tweezers
  • Shrimp Hatchery Kit
  • Brine Shrimp Eggs
  • Sea Salt
  • Probe
  • Blank Slides
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


1 - 300X/600X/1200X Illuminated microscope
1 – Scalpel
1 – Spatula
1 – Tweezers
4 – Specimen vials
1 – Test tube with cap
1 – Petri dish
1 – Pipette
5 – Prepared slides
18 – Blank slides
18 – Slide labels
36 – Plastic slide covers
2 – Empty dye vials
1 – Spare light bulb
1 – Stirring rod
1 – Magnifying glass
1 – Measuring graduate
1 – Storage and carrying case
1 – Camera adapter
1 – Projection / viewing device


Cassini C-1200M

M.S.R.P $79.95




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