Telescopes by Cassini

Cassini is your one stop for refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, and catadioptric telescopes as well as binoculars and assorted optical gifts. Cassini produces telescopes with the beginner to intermediate sky watcher in mind. We understand the concerns of the first time telescope user and develop our telescopes with these concerns in mind. All Cassini telescopes come with pre-assembled tripods as well as instructional videos for easy and quick setup of Cassini telescopes.

Additionally, Cassini telescopes include the Cassini Planetarium CD-ROM. With the Planetarium program you will be enable you to locate any object in the sky the first night with your telescope.

Binoculars by Cassini

The first pair of binoculars were adapted from a telescope invented by an Italian citizen named Ignatio Porro in the mid 19th century. Ignatio Porro designed a telescope using two prisms set at right angles to each other between the objective lens and the eyepiece. Cassini Binoculars are designed with only the highest quality materials at an affordable price. Cassini binoculars are designed to withstand the test of time giving you years of trouble free service. To back this up, all Cassini Binoculars come with a One Year Limited warranty.





Why buy a Cassini telescope?

Telescopes by Cassini are produced with the beginner to intermediate sky watcher in mind. By addressing and correcting the three areas below, users will not be frustrated when using their Cassini telescopes for the first time.

Assembling Telescopes

Telescopes are inherently difficult to setup. You must have a great deal of patience while attaching the tripod legs to the yoke mount of the telescope. All Cassini telescopes include pre-assembled, metal tripods ready to go right out of the box. Just extend the legs and adjust the retractable rubber feet and your tripod is ready to use. This is an example of "The Cassini Difference". Additionally, the Tripod is extremely sturdy and provides maximum stability for the telescope. Because the tripod must hold the telescope without movement, it is a critical part of the scope.

Locating Objects with Telescopes

Telescopes usually include only a standard finderscope for locating objects. Unfortunately these low powered finderscopes are inefficient and difficult to use. Cassini's MARS EYE ELECTRONIC FINDERSCOPE, found on all Cassini telescopes, eliminates the frustration of the typical finder scope. By putting you behind the telescope, seeing what the telescope sees. Additionally, all Cassini telescopes include the Cassini Planetarium computer program. With the Planetarium you will be able to locate any object in the sky the first night with your telescope.
Land Viewing with Telescopes

Telescopes by Cassini can be adapted for land viewing. Most beginners do not know telescopes produce an image that appears up side down when viewing land objects. This is because another lens is required to correct the up side down image in telescopes which restricts the amount of light the telescope can bring in. Most of our telescopes include an erecting lens or prism enabling the telescope to be used for land viewing.
The Cassini Difference


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