The Cassini 4 Slot Filter Wheel (Filters Sold Separately) is another innovative device for telescopes from Cassini. Filtering out certain bands of light can be very useful when observing astronomical objects. Normally to use filters with your telescope you would have to thread the filters on and off of your eyepieces as you are use them. With the Cassini 4 Slot Filter Wheel, you simply insert three astronomical color filters of your choice, leaving the fourth slot empty for non-filtered viewing, insert your eyepiece, and then to switch filters, just rotate the dial on the Cassini 4 Slot Filter Wheel. Now you can switch eyepieces as you normally would without having to swap filters between them. The wheel uses universal 1.25 threaded filters so you can switch them out with other filters for more usability.

The Cassini 4 Slot Filter Wheel Features and Benefits:

  • Format: 1.25″
  • 4 Empty Filter Slots (Filters Not Included)
  • Rotating Bezel Metal Construction



M.S.R.P $49.95


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