The Cassini 1.5x Erecting Lens extends your reflector telescope's abilities for terrestrial use. True astronomical telescopes will produce an upside down image. No erecting lenses, mirrors, or prisms are added. This is fine for astronomical use because having these elements in the telescope introduce additional optical elements and can cause images to be dim and or distorted but this normal upside down image makes terrestrial viewing (land viewing) difficult. The Cassini 1.5x Erecting Lens will turn the image in your telescope right side up to enable easy, comfortable terrestrial viewing.

The Cassini 1.5x Erecting Lens Features and Benefits:

  • Format: 1.25
  • Focal Length: 1.5x
  • Coated lens


Cassini ERLM 15

M.S.R.P $29.95


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