#PMSMMF-120 SET - Cassini 120mm x FL 1000mm Spherical Primary Mirror and Cell with 38mm x 27mm Secondary Mirror and Cell

120mm Spherical Primary Mirror + Cell
1000mm focal length
38mm X 27mm Secondary Mirror + Cell
Primary and Secondary Cell Specs:
ID (Inner Diameter) of Cell: 140mm
Collimation Dot
Diffraction limited optics(1/4 wave in Sodium Light)
Plate Glass (Both Primary & Secondary)
Aluminized(92%) and SiO(Quartz Overcoat)
Heavy Duty Push/Pull Collimation Screws on back of Primary Cell
4 Vane Spider Cell for Secondary (38mm X 27mm)
Secondary average obstruction: 25% (linear) app 6% total area.
Resolving power in arc seconds: 1.4

1.25" Format Metal Focuser - Fits tubes of 140mm Outer Diameter.

Cassini 120mm Primary and Secondary Mirror Sets


M.S.R.P $59.95



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